How to Fix Mobile Network Not Available on Xiaomi Phones

It can be frustrating when you see the “mobile network not available” message on your Xiaomi phone. This means you can’t access the internet or make calls over the mobile network. Several things could cause this issue – from incorrect APN settings to hardware and software problems.

The good news is there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to fix the mobile network connectivity problems on your Xiaomi device. This article will outline the main reasons for the Xiaomi mobile network issues and the solutions to try.

Check Network Coverage Area

First, check if you are in an area with cellular network coverage for your carrier. Move around and see if the bars reappear or if the network becomes available in another location. Dead zones with no signal do exist.

If your Xiaomi phone shows emergency calls only, you have a very limited carrier signal which isn’t enough for regular voice and data.

Restart Your Phone

A simple restart can fix temporary software glitches that cause connectivity problems. Swipe down from the top and long press on the power off icon. Then tap Restart.

Alternatively, hold down the power button and tap Restart when prompted. Check if the mobile network is available after the Xiaomi reboots.

Check Airplane Mode

Make sure airplane mode is off on your Xiaomi device. Swipe down from the top and verify airplane mode is disabled. When enabled, airplane mode suspends all mobile, WiFi, and Bluetooth connections.

Disable it if the mobile network disappears on your phone intermittently. Airplane mode could sometimes be accidentally triggered especially on Xiaomi phones without a headphone jack.

Try Manually Selecting Network

Go to Settings > Mobile network > Network operators and choose Select automatically. This resets the carrier search and connection process.

You can also manually select your Xiaomi phone’s network from the available options if the automatic selection fails. Tap Choose automatically to revert after testing if the manual method fixes the no-network issue.

Verify SIM Card is Properly Inserted

Physically inspect your SIM card to check for any signs of damage on the chip contacts. Then remove the SIM card and reinsert it properly in the SIM slot compartment.

Restart after verifying the SIM tray is fully closed. On some variants like Redmi or Poco, use a paperclip to gently slide out and access the SIM slot.

Check APN Settings

Incorrect access point name (APN) settings are a prime suspect for the Xiaomi no network bug. APN acts as the gateway allowing devices to connect with the GSM carrier.

Go to Settings – Mobile network – Access point names and ensure the APN settings match what your carrier provides exactly. If incorrect, create a new APN accordingly or reset to default configurations.

Beware of using invalid spaces, characters, or uppercase letters when editing APNs on Xiaomi. Double-check and save ONLY after correctly entering APN details as per your cellular provider.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting all network settings to factory defaults can help revive mobile network connectivity on buggy Xiaomi phones. Go to Settings – System – Reset options and tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

You will lose all saved WiFi passwords and paired Bluetooth devices. But this could eliminate any problematic cached data clogging your Xiaomi’s network access.

Try a New SIM Card

Try inserting a freshly activated SIM card from your carrier and check if the mobile network is available. This step is useful in isolating whether the problem lies with your primary SIM card or the Xiaomi phone itself.

If the new SIM works fine, get your existing SIM replaced as it could be damaged, incorrectly configured, or deactivated during a carrier outage.

Update Software

Outdated software lacking crucial fixes is often the culprit behind mobile network issues on Xiaomi devices. Go to Settings – About phone and check system update availability.

Install any pending OTA updates containing security patches, network carrier packs, or critical bug fixes. Still, facing issues? Back up data and attempt a factory reset after updating – this wipes out bad software configurations.

Hard Reset Xiaomi Device

If all the above options are unsuccessful, perform a factory reset to eliminate any deeply embedded software bugs disrupting mobile network functionality.

Backup data first before resetting your Xiaomi to avoid file loss. To hard reset, go to Settings – Additional settings – Backup & Reset – Factory data reset. This will wipe the device and overhaul the operating system back to default.

Get Hardware Inspected

Assuming you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps suggested above to no avail, it likely indicates a hardware issue with your Xiaomi phone’s network components.

Visit a Xiaomi-authorized service center and have technicians inspect components like antenna bands, SIM tray slots, motherboard chips, or solder points that affect mobile network connectivity. Repair or replacement of damaged Xiaomi hardware should fix the loss of mobile network errors for good.

Prevent Network Issues

To avoid dealing with no network headaches in the future, some best practices are:

  • Avoid installing suspicious apps or illegal software mods that may tamper with Xiaomi’s baseband network firmware
  • Download updates only over reliable WiFi to prevent corruption during installation
  • Reseat the SIM tray every few months to maintain proper contact
  • Don’t tamper with antennas or near Xiaomi’s network hardware externally or internally
  • Keep Xiaomi phone away from moisture, heat, or physical damage

Following these tips will help minimize network problems and ensure smooth connectivity always on your Xiaomi smartphone.


Mobile network issues on Xiaomi devices can stem from software bugs or hardware faults. Thankfully, nine out of ten times – the problem is fixable through troubleshooting solutions outlined in this article.

From toggling airplane mode, reseating SIM cards, and editing APNs to resetting network settings – take a systematic approach when trying these fixes. Hardware inspection or replacement will be the last resort if software tweaks don’t resurrect Xiaomi’s lost mobile network.

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