How to Check Radiation in Xiaomi Mobile Phones

Xiaomi is one of the most popular budget smartphone brands in India and across the world. While Xiaomi phones are feature-rich and affordable, some users have concerns about radiation emitted from these phones.

Excessive radiation exposure over long periods is believed to cause health issues. So it’s important to check the radiation levels of your Xiaomi phone. In this detailed guide, we will show you simple methods to check radiation in Xiaomi mobile phones.

What is Radiation in Mobile Phones?

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum. This radiation carries cellular and internet signals to and from the nearest cell towers for communication purposes. The measure of radiation emitted by cell phones is referred to as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). SAR is defined as the amount of radiofrequency (RF) radiation absorbed by body tissues while using a cell phone.

Every mobile phone is required to comply with radiation standards set by authorities. Xiaomi, like other smartphone OEMs, mentions the SAR levels in the user manual or on their website for each model they sell.

Why You Should Check Radiation Levels?

Long-term exposure to high EM radiation from mobile phones is claimed to pose health risks like headaches, hearing loss, increased risk of tumors, brain damage, and more.

But there is no solid scientific evidence to prove this. Still, Xiaomi phone users should check the SAR levels just to be on the safer side. This becomes especially important if you spend over an hour daily on calls or use high-data applications.

The acceptable SAR level for public exposure is set at 1.6 watts per kilogram (over 1 gram of tissue). All Xiaomi phones comply with this standard.

However certain phone usage conditions like network mode, signal strength, or using low-quality accessories may increase radiation exponentially. So routine checks are recommended.

How to Check Radiation on Xiaomi Phones?

There are a few easy ways to check the radiation levels on your Xiaomi device. These include:

  • Check on Xiaomi’s Official Website

The recommended first step is to visit Xiaomi’s official website for your phone model. Expand the Specifications section and locate the SAR values.

This will be specified for head and body, corresponding to holding the phone to your ear during calls vs carrying in pockets when not on calls. Compare these values against the safety limit (1.6 W/kg) to determine if there’s any cause for concern.

  • Install a SAR Checker App

The Play Store has apps like SAR Checker, SAR Values, and RF Exposure that can measure the real-time radiation being emitted by your phone. Download any reliable app with good reviews. Grant the required permissions.

Then start the SAR tester and move the phone around different positions to note the varying radiation levels. This method gives more relevant results as the actual exposure is measured considering your environment.

  • Use SAR Testers Apps by Xiaomi

Some Xiaomi phones have inbuilt SAR apps that leverage internal sensors to measure radiation precisely. For example, on Redmi phones you can find the MIMI SAR app.

Install if available and test as needed right from your phone. The results will show if the EM emissions are within the safe zone or not. Such apps offer the most phone-specific results.

  • Use a Professional SAR Meter Device

For the most reliable and lab-grade radiation check, use an external standardized SAR testing meter. Specialized EMF detectors like the TriField TF2 and Meterk MK08 are designed just for this.

Switch them on, hold your Xiaomi phone nearby and note the SAR readings. This gives scientifically accurate results on par with regulatory testing. However, the meters are expensive and require knowledge to operate accurately.

Radiation Test Results Interpretation

Ideally, the SAR value must be under 1.6W/kg – the lower the better. If your Xiaomi phone model specifies higher SAR levels up to the limit, don’t worry as long as usage times are within reason.

Only if you experience any physical discomfort that you attribute to the phone, get specialized testing done. Keep children away from phones reporting higher radiation. Also, avoid phone usage when the signal is weak or keep conversations short. Stay alert and get periodic checks done.


Checking and limiting radiation exposure from mobile phones is vital. We have listed very convenient ways to test radiation in Xiaomi phones – from online specs to DIY apps and professional meters. Scan through the results as needed and identify any hotspots emitting excess radiation.

Alter your usage habits if required based on any red flags. Stay vigilant about radiation to minimize health risks. Use protective cases and limit usage among kids. Get specialized testing if genuinely concerned. Follow our guide to check radiation in Xiaomi phones routinely for safety.

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