How to Transfer Everything from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

You may want to transfer all your data like contacts, photos, apps, etc. from your old Xiaomi phone to a new Xiaomi phone.

Migrating everything seamlessly from one Xiaomi device to another is easy if you follow some simple steps. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to transfer everything from Xiaomi to Xiaomi.

Back-Up Data on Old Xiaomi Phone

The first step is to back up all your Xiaomi phone’s data. You can back up your contacts, SMS, call logs, apps, system settings, home screen layout, and more. Here are the options to backup your Xiaomi device:

  • Mi Cloud Backup: Xiaomi phones come with free Mi Cloud storage. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Backup and restore, enable Mi Cloud backup, and select the data you want to backup like photos, call logs, etc. It will automatically back up your data periodically to Mi Cloud.
  • Local Backup: You can also take a local backup on phone storage or SD card from the Backup and Restore option under Settings. It creates a backup file that can be used to restore data later on a new Xiaomi device.
  • Google Drive: Sync your contacts, photos, etc. with Google Drive for cloud backup. Enable auto-sync under Accounts in Settings.

The backup ensures you have a copy of your old Xiaomi phone’s data that can be migrated.

Ways to Transfer Data to New Xiaomi Phone

There are a few methods to transfer everything from an old Xiaomi phone to a new one. Choose the most convenient way for you:

Mi Mover App

Xiaomi’s Mi Mover app easily transfers all data between two Xiaomi devices via a Wi-Fi hotspot or USB cable without a computer. Install Mi Mover on both devices, select what data to migrate and transfer will start. It moves contacts, messages, apps, photos, videos, music and documents.

Mi Cloud Sync

If you have backed up important data like contacts, SMS, and photos on Mi Cloud from the old device, simply log in with the same Mi account on a new phone. On a new phone enable Mi Cloud sync and restore the backup from the cloud, this will transfer the data.

Google Drive Sync

Syncing with Google Drive also makes transferring certain data easy. Login with the same Google account, enable auto sync on the new phone and Gmail contacts, and photos on Google Drive will automatically get synced.

Transfer via External Storage

You can also transfer data using external storage like an SD card or pen drive. Connect external storage to the old phone, and copy the required data to it. Eject external storage properly. Now on a new phone, connect the same external storage via an adapter and transfer data from it.

Transfer via PC

Connect both phones via USB cables to a common PC one by one. Now you can copy the required data between two phones using a PC. For iOS devices iTunes can also be used if no common PC is available.

Apps to Install on New Xiaomi Phone

Once you have all your contacts, photos, videos, and other media on your new Xiaomi device, the next step is to install apps & games to restore your experience.

Rather than searching for and installing apps one by one on Play Store, you can restore apps from Google account backup or app store backups like Apptoid.

Or use special apps like App Cloner to batch transfer apps from old to new phones. Scan old phones, create a copy list, and batch-install apps on the new devices from the Play Store. This makes setting up your new Xiaomi quick and convenient.

Some apps like WhatsApp also offer the option to transfer chat history between Android phones using Google Drive backup. Enable it before transferring the device.

Reset the Old Xiaomi Phone

Once the content is fully transferred, you should perform a factory reset on your old Xiaomi phone to wipe personal data before selling or gifting it to someone else.

Back up any remaining data and then reset the device from Settings. You can reconfigure the phone for someone else to use later.

That completes the full data transfer! By following these methods, you can seamlessly move your content from an old to a new Xiaomi phone. Enjoy using your latest Xiaomi device.

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