Connecting Your Mobile Device to a Xiaomi TV – A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s world of smart devices and internet connectivity, linking various gadgets for added functionality and convenience is increasingly common. One popular trend is connecting mobile phones and tablets to smart TVs, like Xiaomi’s range of televisions.

Doing so opens up a range of possibilities – screen mirroring, content sharing, using a mobile device as a TV remote, and more. The process isn’t very complicated, especially on Xiaomi TVs which run the user-friendly Android TV interface with built-in Chromecast. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and utilize this mobile TV connection.


Before connecting your mobile phone or tablet to a Xiaomi TV, ensure:

  • Both devices are on the same wireless network. For the best experience, a high-speed 5GHz Wi-Fi connection is recommended.
  • The Xiaomi TV has the latest firmware version installed. This enables access to all features required for connecting and interacting with mobile devices.
  • The mobile device is running Android 5.0 or later, or iOS 10 or later. The latest OS versions allow screen mirroring and content streaming.
  • The latest versions of both the Android TV and iOS apps are installed, and available on their respective app stores.

Connecting an Android Phone/Tablet

  1. Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Android mobile device. Also, enable location access for the Android TV app to detect TVs automatically.
  2. Install and open the Android TV app (developed by Google) and select the option to ‘Add device’. The app will automatically display Xiaomi TVs on the same network.
  3. Tap on your TV’s name to add it to the app. A pairing code will now display on your TV screen. Enter it on your mobile device to verify connectivity.

Once connected, you can tap on the mobile screen tiles in the Android TV app to stream photos, videos, and music directly to the Xiaomi TV. Use the on-screen remote in the app to control TV functions as well.

For screen mirroring, pull down the Quick Settings menu on your phone and tap on ‘Cast’. Your TV will show up as an available device if paired previously correctly through the steps above.

Connecting an iPhone/iPad

  1. Check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings on the iOS device to ensure connectivity options are turned on, before installing the Xiaomi Mi Remote app from the App Store.
  2. Open the app. On the first launch, it will automatically search and connect to a Xiaomi TV on the same network. Make sure the TV is switched on at this stage.
  3. The linking process will generate a PIN code on the TV display. Input the numeric code in the prompt box shown on your iPhone/iPad to authenticate pairing between the devices.

Once connected successfully, the Xiaomi Mi Remote app offers playback controls, panel buttons to launch TV functions quickly, and the ability to type into search/text fields using an iOS keyboard.

For screen mirroring, open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad and tap on the ‘Screen Mirroring’ icon. This will beam your iOS device’s screen directly onto the Xiaomi TV set provided connectivity was already established in earlier steps.

Extra Tips

  • Connect the mobile to the TV’s USB port if there are pairing issues over wireless connectivity
  • Turn off the power saving mode on the phone if videos frequently buffer or have playback issues
  • Ensure no VPN is enabled on the phone or TV for uninterrupted media streaming
  • Both mobile devices and Xiaomi TV work optimally on the latest firmware versions for the best experience
  • Optional – Use the Xiaomi Home app for smartphones to control various settings, parental controls, etc. on connected TV

Connecting your personal Android or iOS device to a feature-packed Xiaomi TV set is quick and simple. It crucially enables screen mirroring as well as direct media sharing for enjoying content from smaller screens seamlessly on the big-screen TV. With the steps and tips covered above, you will be able to link the devices successfully and leverage all available features.

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