Download Google Camera for All Xiaomi Phones [GCam Hub]

Xiaomi phones are popular for offering great value and specs at affordable prices. However, the stock camera app on Xiaomi phones is often lacking compared to phones from other brands. This is where installing Google Camera (GCam) can help significantly improve photo quality.

GCam ports bring the exemplary image processing and camera software from Pixel phones to Xiaomi devices. With GCam also known as Pixel Camera, you get Pixel-like features such as Night Sight for low-light photography, Portrait Mode for depth effect shots, HDR+ for balanced exposures and more.

Here is a guide on how to download and install Google Camera on both old and new Xiaomi phones:


Before you can install GCam, there are some requirements your Xiaomi phone should meet:

  • Must be running MIUI 10 or higher based on Android 9 Pie or above. Older versions aren’t supported.
  • Needs to have sufficient storage space for the GCam app file and dependencies. Have at least 100MB free.
  • Requires an unlockable bootloader for installing GCam as a system app. Check if your device is unlockable here.
  • Must enable camera2 API for full GCam compatibility. Guide here.

Download Latest GCam for All Xiaomi Devices

There are many different GCam ports available for Xiaomi phones. The most popular ones include:

DeveloperVersionDownload Link
BigKaka (AGC)9.2.14Download Now
BSG (MGC)9.1.098Download Now
Shamim (SGCAM) Now
Arnova8G28.7.250Download Now
  • GCam by BSG – Works very well on recent Xiaomi phones.
  • BigKaka GCam – Optimized ports for many Xiaomi devices.
  • Shamim GCam – Great for older Xiaomi models.
  • Arnova8G2 GCam – Reliable overall with consistent updates.

Visit the GCam Hub and find the latest port for your specific Xiaomi phone model. Download the APK file.

Installation Guide

To install GCam, first enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your Xiaomi device’s settings. Then simply open the downloaded APK file and tap Install.

For full stability and integration though, it is better to install GCam as a system app on Xiaomi phones:

  • Unlock bootloader and flash TWRP custom recovery.
  • Use a file manager in TWRP to copy GCam APK to the /system/app folder.
  • Set proper permissions on the copied APK file.
  • Reboot and GCam will be installed as system app.

With GCam correctly setup on your Xiaomi device, you can now enjoy a Pixel-like camera experience and take your mobile photography to the next level!

Wrapping Up

Installing Google Camera on Xiaomi phones is an excellent way to drastically improve image quality and camera capabilities. With the proper GCam port, Xiaomi users can now enjoy advanced photographic features like Night Sight, HDR+, Portrait Mode and more.

Just make sure to download the right GCam APK based on your specific Xiaomi model, enable camera2 API, meet the prerequisites, and correctly install it as a system app if possible.

This simple mod makes a huge difference and enables Xiaomi phones to rival even premium flagships when it comes to mobile photography.